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An instant miracle

Saint Charbel


A miracle!

Just few minutes, yes, few minutes back, I had chicken for dinner. It was a late dinner because I was so busy the entire evening. Okay, so after dinner, I started to have a very funny feeling. My chest and stomach hurt so terribly. The pain was so intense, in fact, extremely intense that I had to drop everything i was doing and lie down for a few seconds. Suddenly, i felt i was losing breath. I started to pray “For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and the whole world” (Part of the Divine Mercy prayer). I turned this way and that on my bed as the pain grew intense. I honestly didn’t think i was going to make it and tell you all the story. Many things ran through my mind, all in just a few minutes. I felt maybe my body was reacting badly to chicken.

Now, it was only days back I’d read about St. Charbel in the January 2013 edition of the Messenger of St. Anthony. My sister was reading the article on him and recommended I do same. I was awed after I read about him and ever since, he became one of my favourite saints. I’ve been looking for a Novena to him for days now.

Back to the chicken-incident. So, as the pain grew intense, I placed my hand on my chest and prayed “St. Charbel, pray for me”. That very instant… a Miracle happened. I have heard of instant miracles time and time again but this one was blazing fast. Within only a few seconds as I continued to say “St. Charbel, pray for me”, the pain in my chest subsided as well as the pain in my stomach.
WITHIN SECONDS, yes, ONLY WITHIN SECONDS, the pain had vanished altogether and I got up like the incident had never even happened. I just stood there, so shaken, filled with awe. Marveling at the wonder and greatness of GOD all over again and thankful for the help of His Holy Servant, St. Charbel.

I am back to normal now and the pain is all gone. But this incident is going straight into my diary. I want to take a moment to promote St. Charbel. I have now witnessed for myself how powerful his intercession is. Believe me, call to him in sincerity and he will be there to help and pray for you to GOD. And if anyone of you finds a Novena or devotion to him, please let me know.

It’d be a plus if you can lay your hands on the January 2013 edition of the Messenger of St. Anthony magazine.
You will be filled with awe as you read about miracles that have taken place in his name.

GOD bless and remember, each and every one of us should aspire and aim for Sainthood !

Rita Pam

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